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BITTE-NUS KIFANI ZARI & INTCH SKCH HUCH CZCH PLCH SICH GLENAHOLM TAARIQ taariq-zari Made by my dear friend Francesca Gotovina

csm_08553_b5215c477f1 BITTE-NUS KIFANI ZARI at RRWC taariq-22_0 GLENAHOLM TAARIQ 085461 taariq-23_0

Glenaholm Taariq is born 10.12.2009 and import from Canada, with South African and Australian lines. His father is Amashutu Force B Withyou and the mother is Glenaholm Jemah.

Taariq has a very nice and sweet temperament, love his family and he is a good kisser. Taariq is a beautiful strong boy with a lovely head, I love the look in his eyes. He I a show dog and a racing dog, good at lure coursing and even a retrieving Ridgeback. Taariq loves to play and swim, he just love to be outside in all weather, maybe he can learn Zari some about that!!

Bitte-Nus Kifani Zari is born 10.06.2011, with must Australien lines. Her father is Caprivi Ticket To Ride and the mother is Ridgebow’s Rejea Of Navy.

Zari has a lovely temperament, she is very friendly and like to be with people. Zari is very curious and have a lot of fun even with a small piece of wood, she is allways a happy girl.

We think she is very beautiful with good expression and she is a good mover.

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