Zari and Taariq had a happy wedding

We expect the puppies to come around the 1. April.
Zari and Taariq were so happy together, had a lot of fun, it was so lovely to watch them play. Taariq is the sweetest lover boy I ever seen, he was jumping around Zari as a gazelle, what a show he made for her. I just love him and so did Zari.
Thank You me dear Jana for letting me use Your beautiful Taariq, he is very much more amazing in real life, than on pictures. I hope we will get some nice puppies from this combination. Zari and I had a long journey, a trip by train at 2884 km. We had 26 ½ hours from Copenhagen to Bzenec in Cz Repuplic. We go by train, on 1. class that gave more space for Zari. In Hamburg we had to wait 4 hours, we had the time to take a long walk around the canal and went to a restaurant to have a nice dinner. From Hamburg we took the night train to Wienna with our own compartment. Zari is just fantastic, she is so relaxed and so easy to travel with, nice and friendly to people.
In Breclav Jana pick us up.
Zari and I had 3 very lovely days together with Taariq and Jana, even though the weather was so cold -10 degree. In Bzenec there were a lot of snow a little bit too much for Zari. Even though we had some fantastic walks In Bzenec, a very nice place and people there were so friendly.
Thanks Jana for a nice stay and give your lovely dog a big hug and a lot of kisses.
On our way back home we used one more train from Moravsky písek to Breclav, the trip back were only 23 hours!!!
Zari and I had 5 very lovely days together. Now we are safe home and Rejea is a very happy dog because her daughter is back home.

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